And what about you?

Disclosure That’s what the jargon is for your therapist telling the client something about their own lives. According to which model you practice it can range from never – ever tell the client about yourself, your family, your opinion, anything that would get in the way of therapy. The classical psychoanalysis model wants the practitioner […] Read more »

Update Busy-ness

I have been busy – no that is not an excuse it is the truth I have been busy with life and working and … and … The result is that I had not updated my website for some time I now have I have removed the contact form (email) as it was being abused […] Read more »

Psychotherapeutic Communication, Relationship and Process when working with children and adolescents

In Gestalt therapy, language and the spoken word are very important and great value is placed upon it. The semantics and linguistics are valuable tools, which are used frequently. Using language efficiently and with curiosity gains a greater understanding of the child’s inner working model. I always ensure that I use appropriate language in relation […] Read more »

Diploma in Children and Young People Psychotherapy

Well it has been a very busy and exciting few months. I have been asked to facilitate a brand new venture at The Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy, in proving a Diploma in Children and Young People Psychotherapy. There will be two different diplomas, one for existing adult psychotherapists who are registered and accredited with the […] Read more »

Edinburgh Child and Young People’s Conference

I had the pleasure in attending The Children and Young People’s Conference in Edinburgh on the 26th January 2013. It was a heart warming experience when I arrived. Prior to that I had a horrendous journey – it included me having to dig my car out…as I live on the Pennines, when we get snow […] Read more »

Contact Form and sincere apologies

STOP PRESS Interview Sunday 9th December 2012 7pm Hello everyone I hope you are well – I am well and I am concerned as I have found out today that a link was ‘broken’ (….all of this was out of my awareness) on my contact form (on the final page of my web site). This […] Read more »

Christmas – is – a – coming

So here we are 21 days from Christmas..what does that mean for you? A round of stressful shopping trips, anxiety whilst wrapping, unable to spend the time on writing something meaningful into the significant pile of Christmas Cards? Are you organised, cool, calm and collected for the Christmas festivities? Are you rushed, manical and dreading […] Read more »

Looked after children out of county

Today the government have declared that the number of looked after children that have been placed, out of area, need to be reduced. They have said this is necessary due  to children not remaining in viable contact with their families, friends and knowing the locality. Having worked for some years, in agencies connected to looked after children I […] Read more »

Hello World 2

Hello and welcome to my website! I have resisted for some time to have a website and I feel now is the right time for me to begin. Both Ian and Lynne of the soulerhealerwebsite were very helpful in producing the site and I thank them for support and patience during the building of the site. I […] Read more »

What is Psychotherapy?

I am often asked this question and find it often difficult to answer. Psychotherapy can be a life changing experience for many people, those who wish to change fixed habits or understand their behaviours. It can be for personal or professional reasons that people enquire, however it is generally because they are unhappy with their […] Read more »