UKCP Children and Adolescent Psychotherapist Qualification

As a psychotherapist my registering and accrediting body is the UKCP and in January 2012 they launched a new specialist register for psychotherapists that work with children and adolescents.

Whilst many practitioners, such as myself have qualifications and many years of experience to work with these client groups, it is the first time that there will be specialist register. For those people in this category, who are experienced there has been a ‘grandparenting scheme’ which takes place over a two year period.

The opportunity to register and be accredited as a children and adolescent psychotherapist ends in January 2014.

I have began the process of gaining my qualification. Initially you apply, then you need to write a (very) detailed account of your child and adolescent practice, with specifics regarding outside agencies and particular issues. My application regarding my practice was in excess of 13k words, so not an insignificant piece of writing.


The second part of the application before the title is  granted is two case studies. If you are applying to work with both age groups then there needs to be a case study for each client group. Again, this is a significant piece of work. The application is judged by a committee of members of the UKCP and if they need clarification, an applicant could be either asked to discuss their application in front of the committee or write more.


For those people who do not have the experience and wish to be on the register then they need to do the full children and adolescent’s course ( generally 3 or 4 years) at a university or a psychotherapy institute which is running a course.


Of course, I do hope that prior to the 2014 deadline I will be able to blog that my application and registration is approved.



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