Cost of therapy

I was considering how clients react to the cost of therapy.

My fee for a fifty minute session is £45.00 – £55.00, I generally see clients weekly. I recognise that this can often only be affordable for most client’s if they themselves work.

Therefore,  I often work unsocial-able hours, including evenings and Saturdays. There is no premium for this,  I realise that this is customary in my profession to work outside of 9am-5pm.

Some clients recognise that this cost per session, is before my out goings of room rent, professional fees, costs of supervision and ongoing continuing professional development, travel expenses and of course, tax. Others assume that this fee goes fully into my pocket.  (Oh I wish!)

I am lucky to receive a table of suggested fees from my training body, where I studied for my MSc. There are differences in the suggested fees according to the differences in training, length of practice and experience.

This ensures that there is some parity across the profession and it also takes the ‘guesswork’ out of what the going rate is.

Some client’s begrudge paying, and will complain about the cost, of course this is all grist for the mill and part of the therapy.

I do try, as I believe other practitioners will, to try and make the payment plans as manageable as mutually possible for clients.

I appreciate when clients are honest regarding their finances, I would not want client’s to get into debt, due to their therapy costs.

This is one reason why I support the Manchester Institute’s Low Cost Therapy Clinic. They charge a nominal fee, to allow clients who can not afford the cost of a qualified psychotherapist a way to receive therapy. They are means tested, as they have to earn below a certain amount to qualify for the scheme.

The therapists in the programme are in the third year of their advanced training for psychotherapy, they are carefully supervised and supported by MIP and provide a valuable service to the community.

I am wondering what others think of the fees for psychotherapy? When you have completed the work you may recognise how your way of being has changed, there could be no contest regarding the financial cost for that peace of mind. When you are spending that money on a weekly basis it may seem costly? Too costly?

I would be interested in others thoughts









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