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Certificate in Trauma Informed Practice

During this 5 day module Certificate we will explore the impact of trauma on the brain, mind, body behaviours and subsequent motivation. Models of trauma will be discussed and useful techniques and tools that support clients with a holistic approach. This workshop is both theoretical and experiential
15th October 2018 The impact of trauma
29th October 2018 Models of Trauma
5th November 2018 Interventions when working with traumatised clients
19th November 2018 A holistic approach
10th December 2018 Vicarious Trauma


A Further Taster in Gestalt Therapy

This experiential workshop will look at the theory and application of working with clients using Gestalt Therapy. I was asked to provide this training by delegates who have attended ‘ A Taster in Gestalt Therapy’, who wished to experience more Gestalt.

This one day workshop will consider how using the phenomenological, creative process can inform and deepen both the therapist’s and client’s way of being.

Dream work, creative tools and an holistic approach will be explored in this experiential workshop

11th March 2019

Working with Bereavement and Losses

21st January 2019

In this workshop we will consider different theories of bereavement and explore complicated bereavement

This experiential workshops run over two days will approach working with loss from an holistic perspective and framework



Working with Attachment

Our attachment style impacts upon every relationship and it is valuable for every professional to be able to recognise it and work with individuals according to their attachment blueprint

4th February 2019


‘Diploma in Child and Young People Psychotherapy’

Beginning September 2019