Christmas – is – a – coming

So here we are 21 days from Christmas..what does that mean for you?

A round of stressful shopping trips, anxiety whilst wrapping, unable to spend the time on writing something meaningful into the significant pile of Christmas Cards?

Are you organised, cool, calm and collected for the Christmas festivities?

Are you rushed, manical and dreading the event?

Are you somewhere between the two?

I am wondering who has set you up for your Christmas regime?

Are you still trying to match your own mother’s splendid fayre, when all Christmas’s were perfect?

Are you trying to complete the unsatisfactory Christmas when your parents argued before the turkey was cooked and it lasted until Sixth Night?

Are you keeping up with the yummy mummies at the school gate?

It is worth taking a moment to recognise what your drivers are, even more so, if they now work for you? What worked for your own parents may not work for you and your family.

What you maybe trying to repair is your parent’s issues and do not belong in your home.

Parents are under extreme pressure each Christmas to meet their children’s wants.

Apparently, this Christmas the return to the traditional toys from the 1980’s are due for an update and are wanted by many children…Although I do understand that Nintendo are bringing out a new games console.

I wish you all a wonderful and peaceful 2013


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