I have provided workshops at British and International Therapeutic conferences. I regularly facilitate training for social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, trainees and organisations on many different subjects. This can be tailor made for the organisation or from a wealth of subjects already delivered. According to the demand, the training can be for one day, two days or to certificate level of 6 days, as required.


I am happy to consider longer or varied training syllabuses, upon application.

I have a preference for my training to be experiential and experimental, as well as having theory and process time. I find that personally and from the feedback I receive that my delegates enjoy this method of delivery too. PowerPoint presentations and extensive handouts are part of the service provided, if required.

Here are some examples (I can’t list them all!) of workshops and training events, which I have written and delivered.

Trauma Informed Practice

This can be a two day workshop – covering the impact of trauma, and the recommended interventions and practice of TIP including a holistic way of working and vicarious trauma.

This workshop has been expanded and successfully delivered into a five day workshop/certificate course covering the impact of trauma, models of trauma interventions for the traumatised client and vicarious trauma always working within the holistic field.

A Taster in Gestalt

‘Existential, Experiential and Experimental’

This workshop will look at the theory and application of Gestalt Therapy. How using a phenomenological, creative process can inform and deepen both the therapist’s and the client’s way of being

Dream work, creative tools and a holistic approach will be explored.

Bereavement and Loss

There are few issues that do not involve bereavement and loss. Within our society, losses are often ‘glossed’ over and the stigma of grieving is often unacknowledged.

In this two-day workshop we will consider various theories of bereavement, attachment and loss, complicated bereavement, abnormal bereavement processes, including failure to grieve, special losses, such as sudden death, suicide and cancer.

We will also be considering how children grieve in comparison to adults and the rituals of death and dying.

Working with Trauma

A two day workshop

First day – What is trauma, recognising PTSD and complex PTSD, vicarious trauma, strategies and interventions when working with traumatised clients.

Second day – Living and surviving trauma, losses during trauma, debriefing and declarations.



Breaking the cycle of re-enacting our parent’s choice

Using Ann Teachworth’s model of psychogenetics this useful tool can allow both individuals and couples how they are re-enacting their parent’s relationship(s).

This workshop will be of value to professionals who do not understand their urge to complete a life that was never their own. Exploring personal histories with this tool can break a cycle of negative choices.

Delegates will experience both theoretical and experiential modes, giving the opportunity to know and work with this to know and work with this tool.

How to work with body process

Using a holistic approach and considering the unity of body/mind this experiential workshop concentrates on the method of working with body process. Discussions on how to integrate the theory and practice of working with the body in a safe and appropriate manner, to enhance and deepen clinical practice.

Working with attachment

This one-day workshop is to look at a different way of observing and working with clients who are displaying attachment traits.

Bowlby’s Attachment Theory is still as valid now as it was when it was originally formulated in the 1960’s.

Our attachment style impacts on every relationship and it is valuable for every practitioner to be able to both recognise and work with individuals according to their attachment blueprint.

Certificate in Working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This 6 day workshop will explore aspects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The aim of the certificate is to enhance the skills of the professional when working with people who have experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Each day will have a theoretical space which, when accompanied with experiential learning and the recommended reading will give each participant a solid theoretical base for the skills learnt.

The course will be experiential and didactic in nature and there will be opportunities to see live demonstrations and work in triad groups to practice skills and strategies learnt that day.


Certificate in CBT Skills

This 5 module Certificate Course considers the theory and practice of using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This experiential workshop looks at working with Anxiety, Depression and other common issues that clients may bring to therapy/counselling. Mindfulness is considered and throughout the five days there is the opportunity to use the new tools and strategies that will be presented.