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Today I had the pleasure (and the pain of travelling) to Edinburgh to take part in Onlinevent’s conference, ‘Working with Anxiety’. It was a pleasure, as Edinburgh is a wonderful city, steeped in history contrasting with it’s air of vibrancy and life in the 21st century. The pain was driving for an hour to a train station and then a two and half hours train journey at the beginning of the day, then the return, towards the end of the conference. My sincere apologies not to stay to the end, this was due only to the train times. I assure the final presenters and audience when I receive the dvd of the day I will be watching their workshops.

It may come as no surprise to any reader who knows me, that it was from my viewpoint as a Gestalt practitioner, that I based my presentation on, ‘Working with Anxiety from a Gestalt Perspective’. It was a new and inventive experience for me as it was live streamed onto the internet, as well as the delegates in the room. There was a live ‘chat room’ happening and it was unfortunate that I never had the opportunity to respond to any questions/or read the chat. As the link was cut between different presenters, the chat was ‘lost’ for any prior facilitators, so I was unable to ‘look back on it’ when I returned to the audience.

It was only two presenters later that some one in the audience managed to ‘cut and paste’ the chat as it happened, so I was unable to see any comments directed to me. If anyone has any questions/comments pertaining to my short workshop I’d be happy to answer them here on this blog.

I am tired now, following the journey home and the exciting, different, novel experience to be part of a conference that could be so widely viewed in real time.

It is quite likely that this way of working will be a regular occurrence in the future, giving the wider audience an opportunity to be sitting at home, possibly with their feet up, sipping coffee and occasionally nibbling on a  biscuit (or is that just me?) whilst a whole raft of presenters are beamed directly into their homes. The live chat room discussing the content of the presentation and being able to ask questions is a fantastic concept.

I found the people who hosted the event, headed by John and Sandra Wilson, welcoming and very supportive. My sincere and warm thanks to you all. The other speakers were all experienced in their own modalities and each gave a personal and extremely professional view of how they work with anxiety. I salute their knowledge and excellent presentations. I was proud to be part of such a powerful and insightful group, who were willing to share not only their theoretical knowledge, in turn each of them gave part of themselves, keenly.

Over the next few weeks I shall be taking part in an interview (no set date yet, I shall post it on my site when it is) with John Wilson. In January I am (with delightful anticipation, no true anxiety) travelling again to Edinburgh to take part in ‘The children and young people conference’, with onlinevents once more.

A short clip of today’s workshop and the presentation in full will be uploaded onto my YouTube channel as soon as I receive the footage and of course, onto this website.

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